Dreaming (Jacubbear Demos​/​Side Projects)

by Jacubbear

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A little EP made of 3 acoustic songs and two instrumentals I programmed, cause I needed to release SOMETHING


released October 27, 2014




Jacubbear Cambridge, Maryland

For fans of absolute trash. i do all kinds of genres

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Track Name: Dreaming
if you feel neurotic
then you know i feel it too
always taking steps and asking what to do
and if there was one thing
i want to say to you
don't fall through the cracks
of the side walk that carries me and you
through times where we used to
follow our dreams, things i only see
when i sleep
Track Name: Still Dreaming
Outside of my bedroom I don’t dream anymore
Except the nightmares I get walking through the door
6 more cups of coffee and I’ll be okay
Just give me something something something to get me through the day

All this manic headspace
And walls closing in
It’s so hard to breathe
When the air is just so thin

I never figured out what I’ll do with my life
And if you said nothing well hey you’re probably right

So if there is one thing that I swear I’ll do
It will be to sing the words I know that are true
For me and you
I swear
They’re true
Track Name: Trying
Panic attacks
caused by job applications
i know i've gotta sort things out
doctors say i'll need
more medications
but that shit freaks me out
so i
i'll need to try
to get myself out
of this mindset
and i i need to try
to put things into perspective
and i
i need to try
to get over my bullshit
and i
need to try to get better